Technology and Content

Technological innovation has greatly influenced content production and consumption. And although more and more people are getting news and feature stories from their PCs and tablets, a new player has entered the game: mobile apps. In the Emerging Perspectives on the Mobile Content Evolution, Juan Miguel Aguado wrote that iPhone and Android smartphones rediscovered how users could take the most out of the internet.

In fact, the 2016 Pew Research report titled “The Modem News Consumer” shows that 81 percent of adults ever get news on online platforms and among

With an experience really adapted to mobile devices. While previous handsets had tried to replicate the Internet user experience from the PC, by just using mobile-adapted version of desktop browsers, smartphones’ experience turned around a brand new concept: the application.

people who get news both on desktop computers and mobile devices, more than half prefer mobile.

What makes mobile apps interesting (and, one might dare say, superior) is consumers can get content on the go and customize the type of content they want.


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